My medical sessions are ALL IN GOOD FUN since 2021. No more hyper realistic sessions, no more 20 different types of gloves or surgical suits. There is no longer a separate medical room!

There is still a lot that can be done but the realization of almost impossible sessions to meet a super specific fetish is behind me. I have done this for a long time but it is time for change!


With me you can: play medical role-plays such as an appointment with the school doctor, the company doctor or, for example, the nurse of the prison. You have been punished, your employer has caught you doing something naughty, you are not sure whether you are a boy, you can contact me for all of this. The more creative the more fun! Medical sessions can also be combined with SM sessions, sissy play or, for example, as a puppy to the vet!

My doctor’s office/treatment room is located in the kinky room of my BDSM studio. There is a nice gynecologist chair and lots of materials to examine you. I also always have a lot of sterile products in stock to treat you hygienically. You have a view of the rest of the studio but if you don’t like that then just look at me. But maybe you like that and we’ll make an exciting trip to the bondage bed or the sling. I’m wearing a nice doctor’s outfit or a surgical suit, mouth masks, gloves, the whole medical outfit. And for you there is a patient apron.

Medical (mis)treatments that are possible:

  • examination of heart, lungs, blood pressure
  • shaving of pubic region
  • testing flexibility
  • stretching the urethra
  • rectal examination
  • stretching the penis with a pump
  • semen collection by means of milking machine
  • electrode treatment
  • pain stimulus research
  • control, measurement and inspection of the genitals
  • general inspection
  • for request for more invasive procedures you can contact us via the mail form

I do my best to make it an intensive, fantastic experience for you. You are very welcome in my medical cabinet of curiosities!