If you would like photos of your session as a souvenir or to show others, this is possible. I enjoy doing this. This is done during session time and will not cost you anything extra. It is certainly not mandatory and I will always ask if it is allowed if you have not already indicated it yourself.

In the photos you are as you undergo your session, so that you can enjoy it again later. I will not be in the photos, so you can do whatever you want with them. You will receive a maximum of 10 photos emailed after your session to the email address you used to email me. My website is listed in the corner in the photos.

Photos that I use on my website or elsewhere on the internet are always unrecognizable. So I never post anyone with the face or other recognizable features such as tattoos online. If you do want photos, but don’t want me to use them, you have to indicate that, and I’ll remove them after I’ve sent them to you.

I decide when and what I take pictures of. If you have a one hour session you will have fewer photos than if you enjoy a 2 hour session. If you want a lot of anal play or sounding, my hands are dirty and of course I can’t grab the camera at the same time. Keep that in mind. It must be possible.