What can you expect when you come to experience a BDSM session for the first time?

In principle, every adult person is welcome to have a session with me. Your appearance or how much you weigh is absolutely not an issue for me. A disability or condition does not have to stand in the way either. However, the studio is located in a building with stairs and it is therefore unfortunately not possible to offer everyone a session.

As already mentioned, you can make an appointment by e-mail. You put your fantasies in there, your wishes and also what you definitely don’t want to happen to you. I’ll let you know what is and isn’t possible. If you indicate that it is your first time, I will schedule some extra time for you before the session starts. We then have some space to get to know each other and then you can also ask questions if you want. We take care of payment before the session starts.

You don’t have to bring anything, everything I need is here. If you have a favorite toy or clothing that you really want to wear during your session, you can always bring it with you, but it is not necessary. You also don’t have to be shaved, you can come however you feel comfortable.

Showering beforehand is in principle mandatory, but if you just got out of the shower at home, I will turn a blind eye, provided you smell good of course. A preliminary meeting and showering are not part of session time. The bathroom with shower and toilet is attached to the games room but private for you, you also leave your clothes there. You will never see other customers if this has not been expressly agreed. I always work 1 on 1.

Hygiene is very important to me, so the bathroom is always clean with freshly laundered towels and washcloths, there is shower gel, deodorant and mouthwash ready for you. The studio is completely cleaned and aired after each session. Of course, this also applies to all materials and fetish clothing used. Many sterile disposable items are used for medical play (such as catheters) so hygiene is assured. And of course I also work according to the covid guidelines. Hand alcohol is also provided on arrival.

Then your session begins! I will let you experience a wonderfully exciting session within the limits you have indicated. I can’t tell you in advance exactly how that works, because for me that is also a creative and impulsive process that I always enjoy. I can tell you that this will always happen safely. Pain game is always neatly built up, you can always indicate when something is too much (or too little) and if something is not quite your thing, we will do something else. Because it is of course your party, it is important that you have a good first experience. For the most part I will know if you are enjoying it but of course I am not clairvoyant so do give feedback if necessary.

Is sex possible? No, sex with me is not possible. I’m not going to undress either. But a happy ending for you is definitely part of the game. I also don’t do smoking sessions, copra and permanent injuries.

After your session you can take a shower, which is not mandatory, and you can dress again. If you feel the need to talk, you can do that while I clean up or I will escort you outside right away. In principle, it’s done, but you can always email me with some feedback or I’ll email you the photos I took if we had agreed on that.

Hope to see you soon!